Thoughts on Evolution
from a Christian Perspective
by Paul Hazelden
Some Notes

Biston Betularia

A recent news item (March 1999) suggests that even this minimal and indirect evidence for evolution was faked.

The New Scientist published the news that the research was faked: amongst other details, it was revealed that the moths were pinned by the researcher to the bark of different coloured trees, because they do not naturally land on such places. The article by Coyne in Nature, 5 November 1998, says in part: "For the time being we must discard Biston as a well-understood example of natural selection in action...".


Irreducible Complexity

In recent years, a movement that is often summarised as 'Intelligent Design' has been leading a significant reassessment of evolution from a scientific perspective. It is often dismissed as 'creationism with a different name' but the reality is completely different.

Most people from a creationist background will argue that certain things are true or not true because of what the Bible says. Intelligent Design does not rely on the Bible or any other religious or faith-based source; instead, it attempts to deal exclusively with the scientific evidence we have available to us. The 'Access Research Network' is one good source of information about this important field.


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