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- Diary Pages 2002/09 -
24 February - 2 March 2002

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Sunday 24

15:15†† Re-format the contents of the January newsletter into a web page, update the ĎNewsí page and upload the updated web site.

16:15     Finish (1 hour)

Monday 25

09:15     Arrive, sort through the post.   Trudieís mother is not well, and she also has serious problems with her Aunt, whom she has power of attorney for.   The Audit Commission have done a briefing on drug treatment services, which contains some very helpful information and quotes.

10:30     Coffee Shop prayer.

11:00     Talking with Fiona, trying to sort out who owes what for Bibles and teaching materials.Talking with Andy about what we say to City Elim about the meal vouchers.   Agree to attend the Inner City Lifelong Learning Network meeting on Andyís behalf Ė promised to go to an earlier one, but something came up which prevented it.   A bit of paperwork.

12:45     Prayer meeting at PipíníJay.

14:15     Lunch

14:30     City Road Baptist Ladiesí meeting.

16:45     Preparation for Team Meeting, and a reminder from Andy about the draft questionnaire he has prepared.   Paperwork, including trying to use the draft budget figures supplied by Jayne and Sam

18:30     Leave (9 hours; 10 for week)

Tuesday 26

09:00     Meeting with Dave Mitchell at Ashley Down House.   Itís about 10 months since our previous chat; started trying to arrange this back in November.   Talk about how Woodlands can support CCM more effectively.   I need to email him a proposal for talking to the Woodlands Pastorates.

10:15     Post.Dehumidifier arrives: skim the documentation.   Take it downstairs to the basement.

10:30     Coffee Shop prayer.

11:00     Dehumidifier paperwork sorted and in post tray.Leave phone message for Angie Allen about praying for us at City Elim.   Phone GroceryAid again: Angie is still off sick, everyone else is engaged.Leave a message for someone to ring me back.Talk with Sam about Bridgehead and filling out expense claim forms.   Talk with a lady from GroceryAid who will get Angie to email me when she returns on Thursday.

13:30     Leave for prayer meeting in Sea Mills.

(Usual Tuesday evening prayer meeting, 18:00-19:30)

22:00     Reviewing documents from Sam and Andy

22:30     Finish.(5 hours, 15 hours for week)

Wednesday 27

09:15     Arrive,

09:30     Team prayer time.

10:30     Team meeting.

13:00     Bridgehead Lunch.

14:15     Leave for dentist appointment.

17:30     Samís supervision.

19:00     Finish.

22:15     There is a problem with the CCM web site, needs attention.

22:45     Finish. (7 hours, 22 hours for week)

Thursday 28

09:15     Arrive, post, paperwork.

10:30     Coffee Shop prayer.

11:00     Working on Bridgehead survey to be used in Coffee Shop.

12:30     Meeting at Ivy Church about prayer in St Pauls.   Half of City Road is cordoned off with three or four fire engines, although there is no obvious fire.   Several firemen are up a ladder, although they donít seem to be doing anything.   The meeting itself is encouraging.   From the conversations afterwards, Peter Kay will email me with details of a property we might be interested in.   Another chap is interested in finding out more about the work we do.

15:00     Return to office.   Send a few of the most urgent emails.   Start on the backlog of paperwork.   Commotion outside: there are armed Police just down the road, surrounding a house on the opposite side.   We pray that the situation is resolved peacefully, and contact some prayer partners, asking them to join us in this prayer.   City Road is cordoned off for the second time today, and at 16:00 we decide not to open the shop tonight.

16:00     Supervision session with Andy.   Several people have dropped out of the LITE Course, but itís not clear what we can do with or for most of them: one has gone into hiding after being attacked in his flat with a shotgun, for example.   Make several suggestions for how Andy can make more progress with his report

18:10     Finish supervision, back to actions from team meeting.   The Police have gone.   We didnít hear any sirens, so we hope nobody was hurt.

19:15     Leave. (10 hours, 32 hours for week)

Friday 1

09:15     Arrive, paperwork and talking with Martin, mostly around salary issues.

11:00     Supervision session with Trudie.

13:15     Leave for funeral at Canford Crematorium: a lady who died of a drugs overdose.   Have been helping to support the mother. (4 hours, 36 hours for week)

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