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    There are many training courses for Christians - everything from degree courses to Bible Colleges, church and organisational Year Teams, and evening classes.   Why introduce another?

    Open Air Campaigners have been training people in evangelism for many years.   We specialise in the field of 'Proclamation Evangelism'.   We have been doing it and training people to do it for many years, and believe the time is right to offer these skills to more people.

    1. What is 'Proclamation Evangelism'?
    2. Why is Proclamation Evangelism important?
    3. Further details about Snowball


  1. What is 'Proclamation Evangelism'?
  2. Proclamation evangelism can be seen as the 'other side of the coin' of friendship evangelism.   In friendship evangelism, you aim to reach the people you know for Christ; in proclamation evangelism, you aim to reach the people you don't know.   These two are not alternative which we have to choose between, but complementary strategies for reaching everyone for Christ.

    In proclamation evangelism, we take the gospel message to the people who need to hear it.   It is sometimes called 'Out-reach' because the Church is reaching out to people where they are, as opposed to 'In-drag', which is the usual technique employed by Christians: invite people to a special meeting or 'guest service' in the church.

    Proclamation evangelism does not aim to see people converted solely on the basis of the message being preached - although we rejoice when this happens!   Rather, it is used to make contact with people, who then have the opportunity to respond to the message and find out more about this God Who has revealed Himself in the person of Jesus.   People usually come to Christ through the personal evangelism and prayer after the public message.

    To clear up one common mis-conception...   Proclamation evangelism does not mean standing up in a shopping street with a big black Bible in your hand, shouting scripture verses at the people who pass by, or threatening them with eternal damnation!



  3. Why is Proclamation Evangelism important?
    1. It is Biblical
    2. We are commanded to do it
    3. It works
    4. It is easy
    5. It improves our evangelistic techniques



  4. Further details about Snowball
  5. Information about Snowball:


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