Science Answers
by Paul Hazelden


This is the page where I will post the answers I receive to the Science Questions. At least, all the plausible (or semi-plausible) answers.

•   Why are there two tides a day?
•   How long is a quantum leap?
•   How does gravity work?
•   Questions about multiple universes
    Energy conservation
    Infinite speed
•   Can antimatter annihilation fail to conserve spin?

Why are there two tides a day?

Why are there two tides a day, when the Earth rotates just once in 24 hours?

I have been given two answers to this.

Any comments on either of these? The first sounds rather weak to me.

How long is a quantum leap?

How long, in seconds, is a quantum leap?

No replies as yet, beyond saying that my picture is far too simplistic. But it is the picture given to me in the text books, so how should it be improved?

How does gravity work?

We are told that gravity works because mass distorts the fabric of space-time, but this is nonsense: a distortion alone will not make an object move.

No replies as yet.

Questions about multiple universes

  Energy conservation

Does a quantum event double the energy in the universe?

No replies as yet.


Does a quantum event tie two universes together?

No replies as yet.

  Infinite speed

Does a quantum event require infinite speed?

No replies as yet.

Can antimatter annihilation fail to conserve spin?

Can a particle-antiparticle annihilation result in a failure to conserve spin?

The only way I see round this is to assume that particles and their antiparticles do not annihilate each other in general, but only if they share every measurable quantity in common. But this is not a limitation the text books mention.

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