The Problem of Suffering
Written Interview Questions
by Paul Hazelden

The Problem of Suffering:
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As part of my studies, I plan to write a report on how we help people cope with suffering, and how we can do it better. Thank you for being willing to help me with this piece of research.

I would like to know what has helped you, and why it has helped.

I am particularly interested in the 'problem of suffering' - the problem raised by the question, "If God is good, why does He allow suffering?"

I might quote or summarise in my report what you tell me, but nobody else will know from my notes or from the report what you said, or even that you contacted me.


  1. What has helped you to cope when you have experienced suffering in the past?
  2. Did you feel that God was in some way responsible for your suffering?
  3. Was the 'problem of suffering' something that you had to struggle with?
  4. If so, what answer or answers did you find which helped you?
  5. What do you say when someone raises the problem of suffering with you?
  6. How satisfied are you with your response? Do you think it is adequate, or are there outstanding problems it does not adequately address for you?
  7. Who has been most helpful to you in finding answers to these questions? Which books and preachers have been most helpful? What else has been helpful?
  8. Is there anything else you would like to say on this subject?

About You

In the report, I intend to identify people simply as "Female, 30s" or "Male, 40s". This is because it is possible that the things people find helpful may vary with age and between the sexes.

So I have two final, very quick questions for you. You don't have to answer these questions, but it will help.

Thank you very much for your help.



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