Other Religions
by Paul Hazelden


What is the proper Christian approach to other religions and the people who follow them? There are traditionally two basic answers which are given to this question.

A Lightning Tour

The majority of religions can be divided fairly neatly into the following four categories:

Are these the only two possibilities? Do we have to choose between agreeing with each other and fighting each other? Before we look at the alternatives, let us look briefly at the different religions which are on offer.





The East.



People of the Book

What is their destiny?

What about 'responding to the light they have been given'?

What about 'no man comes to the Father but by Me'?

Friends or Foes?

We share a great deal

We disagree on vital issues - the nature of God, the path to salvation, the problem we need saving from, etc.

Know your enemy - it's never the person.

We are called to be a witness to Christ, not to fight people who believe other things.



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