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Ref Title Date
PT050 Love One Another 14/05/89
PT051 Effective Ministry 09/07/89
2 Corinthians 4:1-12.   Serving God in the context of suffering and difficulty.
PT052 Sin: the Problem and the Answer 17/08/89
PT053 Singleminded About the Gospel 18/04/90
PT054 Discipleship 14/04/90
What does discipleship require?   The difference between discipleship and teaching.
PT055 What Think Ye of Christ? 22/06/90
PT056 The Truth of the Gospel 11/07/90
John 8:31-32; 14:1-14
PT057 Practical Christian Living 30/08/90
Romans 12:9-21
PT058 What Makes a Man Unclean? 09/01/91
Matthew 15:1-20
PT059 The Biblical Basis of Baptism 07/08/95
A letter about baptism, the various ways people understand it, and the Biblical basis of the different understandings.
PT060 Discipleship Today 07/06/02
What does the Biblical idea of 'discipleship' mean for us today?   First written in May 1995, and updated in May and June 2002.
PT061 Thoughts on Evolution 25/05/95
An introduction to the issues of Science, Evolution and Creation from a Biblical perspective.
PT062 The Danger of Discipline 26/04/95
Love, and not self discipline, is the mark of the Christian.
PT063 Morality in a Secular World 26/04/95
Society needs values, but where do they come from if there is no God?
PT064 War and Peace, Part One 15/06/95
The first in a two-part study arising from the 1994 Talent Auction.   The original title was 'Pacificism and the Alternative' which seemed to pre-judge the issue.   Part one looks at the issues raised by the Bible and history; part two (PT077) at the issues which confront us today.   Possibly leads on to a further study on the nature and function of morality.
PT065 Working Together 14/03/96
An eight month series for the Westborough Newsletter, one page a month, describing how all the things we do as Christians can work together to achieve God's purpose.
PT066 The Carnal Christian 02/05/95
Old habits die hard - and for many Christians they live on with a new name.
PT067 Legalistic Death 27/10/00
Legalism is not just a theological error: it spells death to the Christian life, and misery to those who fall prey.   First drafted 02/05/95; updated before being uploaded.
PT068 The Modified Engle Scale 03/02/98
An update to the traditional Engle scale, describing some stages on the path to eternal life.
PT069 Reaching out to the World 05/05/95
This was originally given to the Elders at Westborough in preparation for the Prayer Day on 6 November 1993.   Churches and Christians can so easily become introverted and concerned only with 'spiritual' matters, but the God we worship loves the world.   It is plea for our Church life to reflect the wholeness we see in the nature and character of the God we claim to serve.
PT070 Approaches to Town Centre Evangelism 09/05/95
Originally called 'Thoughts on evangelism in Woking' and given to the leaders at Christchurch in January 1995 as part of the discussion about responding to the needs of the people who use Woking town centre.
PT071 Exploring the Faith 09/05/95
Describing how the proposed 'Exploring the Faith' course would work and why it has been put together in this particular way.
PT072 People, Politics and Pneuma 10/05/95
Some highlights of Church history prepared for the Housegroup, 20 September 1993.
PT073 What Kind of Church? 08/08/95
Thoughts about the kind of Church God wants to build, arising out of the church planting possibilities around November 1993.
PT074 The Post Apostolic Church 10/05/95
A study for the Housegroup in March 1994.
PT075 Denial or Fulfilment?  
Is the Church all about self fulfilment, or should fulfilment be a by-product of something else?
PT076 Prayer 21/07/95
Notes given out at the Westborough Evening Service, 23 July 1995.   Part of the series 'Church as a Body' which was designed to explore the use of various spiritual gifts (prayer is a spiritual gift? I didn't say that!).   The title was given with a subtitle: 'Relating to the Head'.   Not sermon notes, but intended for personal or group use mid-week.   Slightly revised 21/07/95.
PT077 War and Peace, Part Two 21/06/95
Exploring the issues.   Follows on from part one, PT064.
PT078 2 Kings Chapter 3 20/09/95
Notes for the Housegroup study, 20 September 1995.
PT079 Ezekiel 12/10/95
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT080 Job 10/03/96
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT081 Song of Songs 11/05/96
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT082 Pleasing God 25/04/96
You don't have to be a full time Christian worker to please God.
PT083 Pleasing God 01/05/96
Re-working PT082.
PT084 Faith 11/07/96
What is the nature of Biblical faith?   Follows on from PT083: 'Pleasing God.'
PT085 Acts 8-9 24/08/96
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT086 The Price of Grace 07/10/96
Follows on fron 'Faith,' PT084.
PT087 What is the Big Idea? 01/10/96
Eternity - the biggest idea of them all.
PT088 Ephesians 30/10/96
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT089 Advent 02/12/96
PT090 1 Thessalonians 12/01/97
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT091 Incarnation 02/02/97
The foundational truth about the way in which God chooses to work.
PT092 Giving 14/02/97
Preaching at the service which launched the fundraising appeal for the church building fund at Westborough.
PT093 Philemon 08/03/97
Sue.   Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT094 Revelation 18/12/02
Notes for a three part series for Westborough in July and August 1997.   Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT095 Titus 28/04/97
Part of Westborough's Preaching Through the Bible series.
PT096 Quality Assurance and Old Testament Law 14/05/97
I was asked by Ian Bysh to 'say something relevant' to my work, so this looks at the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments in the light of human nature.
PT097 Grace 25/10/97
Romans 5:1-11.   Looking at Paul's treatment of grace in this passage.
PT098 Talking About Money 15/01/98
An introduction to money mainly intended for Christian workers, previously called 'Biblical Finance.'   Several copies were circulated to Christian workers for their comments in December 1997.
PT099 Security and Reward 15/01/98
1 Corinthians 3:1-15.   The certainty of salvation and the uncertainty of reward.



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